MASSIVE Spring floods 2018 in Järvsö, Sweden

MASSIVE Spring floods 2018 in Järvsö, Sweden is getting close to record numbers. It’s been 18 years since the last great flood, but with the huge amount of snow Sweden got this winter, we can expect some water damage in the weeks to come!

My name is Andreas Fransson aka The Beard Bringer, and today I’m gonna show you the beginning of the spring floods here in Järvsö. In just a couple of days, the water rose from normal levels to critical very fast. There are some houses affected by the floods, but mostly summer homes.

I have not heard any reports of accidents, yet. But hopefully, there won’t be any either. The amount of water causing the massive spring floods are coming from the northern parts of Sweden, and the melting snow is causing the floods.

Not since the year 2000 have we had this much water. And before that, it was in 1966. So this doesn’t happen that often.

I know it’s not huge floods like in some other parts of the world, but this is A LOT for our town, and the water keeps rising. This is only the beginning.

I hope you liked this video, and please let me know in the comments what you thought about it.

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