Snowshoes saved my life – Tons of SNOW up to my chest!

Snowshoes saved my life – Tons of SNOW up to my chest! I filmed for Red Bull TV and the Method Mag Movie 3 snowboard movie, with my friend Nils Arvidsson the other day, and the tons of snow that came this winter almost got the best of me. The snow reached up to my chest at some places.

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My name is Andreas Fransson aka The Beard Bringer, and I headed out into the woods with my friend, the professional snowboarder, Nils Arvidsson. We were shooting for the Method Mag Movie 3 snowboard movie, to be aired on Red Bull TV in the fall of 2018, and here’s some behind the scenes footage.

This year we got so much snow, that walking would not have been possible without snowshoes. We measured the snow to be upwards of 1.6 meters at some points.

The crazy amount of snow made everything so much harder, but also much more fun. Sorry I can’t show you any snowboard footage, but the movie comes out this fall. This was also my first time snowshoeing.

I was lucky to be able to borrow a pair of Verts Snowshoes from Nils the first day, otherwise I would still be stuck in that snow. 😀

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