Beard competition – Spånga BEARD PARTY 2018

Beard competition – Spånga BEARD PARTY 2018. Follow me on my weekend in Stockholm and the beard event I co-hosted with and Georges Klipp. Beards, barbers, beard products, beard competition, food, beer and a lot of fun. And it gets personal in the end.

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My name is Andreas Fransson aka The Beard Bringer, and this is my vlog from the weekend of Spånga Beard Party 2018, in Stockholm, Sweden. I co-hosted the third Spånga Beard Party and we had a great time.

At Spånga Beard Party we had Beard styling, barbers trimming beards, hair and moustaches, we had a beard competition with three different classes. Best Full Beard 2018, Best Tight Beard 2018 and Best Moustache 2018. We have photo stations where you could get your picture taken by professionals. We had Taco Bar serving delicious food and beer. Both Bearded Villains Sweden and Villains of Stockholm were on site meeting and greeting.

We had a tattoo artist, cigars, live music and really great crowd who made the night a success.

I stayed at the Radisson Blu Royal Viking hotel in the middle of Stockholm and the room was great.

I hope you enjoy this vlog, it is a bit long, but it gets personal in the end.

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