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SNÖSKÄGG Challenge med en SNÖKANON!!!

SNÖSKÄGG Challenge med en SNÖKANON!!! I dagens video ska jag fixa ett snöskägg med hjälp utav en snökanon. Snökanonen används för att fixa snö till skidbacken, i detta fall Järvsöbacken, och jag tyckte det var ett ypperligt tillfälle att gå dit och ställa mig framför den för att se vad som händer.

Stort tack till Daniel som hjälpte mig filma: https://www.youtube.com/user/DanielNoree

Det blev galet kallt att stå framför snökanonen och det är inget jag rekommenderar, och det kan i vissa fall vara farligt då man kan få köldskador, så tänk på det.

Lämna gärna en kommentar och berätta vad du tyckte om mitt snöskägg, visst var det fint? 😀

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HALLOWEENSPECIAL med Skäggfobi som Pippi Skäggstrump

HALLOWEENSPECIAL med Skäggfobi som Pippi Skäggstrump, och skärning av Halloweenpumpa. Det är andra gången jag skär en pumpa för Halloween, och det blev helt okej tycker jag, även fast jag inte använde någon mall, eller vad tycker du?

Sen klär jag ut mig till Pippi Långstrump eller Pippi Skäggstrump som jag numera kallas, och leker med rökgranater.

Vad tyckte du om bilderna vi fick till?

Lämna gärna en kommentar, gilla videon och prenumerera om du gillade den, och varför inte dela den med dina vänner? 🙂

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Beard competition – Spånga BEARD PARTY 2018

Beard competition – Spånga BEARD PARTY 2018. Follow me on my weekend in Stockholm and the beard event I co-hosted with Beardshop.se and Georges Klipp. Beards, barbers, beard products, beard competition, food, beer and a lot of fun. And it gets personal in the end.

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My name is Andreas Fransson aka The Beard Bringer, and this is my vlog from the weekend of Spånga Beard Party 2018, in Stockholm, Sweden. I co-hosted the third Spånga Beard Party and we had a great time.

At Spånga Beard Party we had Beard styling, barbers trimming beards, hair and moustaches, we had a beard competition with three different classes. Best Full Beard 2018, Best Tight Beard 2018 and Best Moustache 2018. We have photo stations where you could get your picture taken by professionals. We had Taco Bar serving delicious food and beer. Both Bearded Villains Sweden and Villains of Stockholm were on site meeting and greeting.

We had a tattoo artist, cigars, live music and really great crowd who made the night a success.

I stayed at the Radisson Blu Royal Viking hotel in the middle of Stockholm and the room was great.

I hope you enjoy this vlog, it is a bit long, but it gets personal in the end.

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Music från epidemicsound.com

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ICE BEARD in FREEZING cold weather – Frozen beard

ICE BEARD in FREEZING cold weather – Frozen beard for sure. My beard is completely frozen and full of ice. Like a snow beard, but frozen with ICE. All you need it hot water in cold weather. Ice Beard challenge! Talk about ICY BEARD! This is the definition of winter beards.

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My name is Andreas Fransson aka The Beard Bringer, and this is how I made a ice beard. Completely frozen beard with hot water and cold weather. The water froze instantly and turned to ice on my beard. When I sprayed hot water into to the cold air it instantly turned to snow particles.

Be careful if you are trying this. Don’t get the water on your skin as it might cause frost burn.

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How to apply beard oil – VIDEO and easy steps

How to apply beard oil

It can’t be that hard to apply beard oil that you need a video, right? No, and yes…. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the question “How do you apply beard oil?”, and what’s the best way to apply beard oil?

Well, I don’t think there is a BEST way to do it, as long as YOUR way works for you. But in the video blow I go through the different steps I take before applying beard oil, it’s very easy to follow along and it doesn’t take any time at all.

I do however give you some pointers on great things to think about before, and after, applying beard oil. There are actually stuff to think about, and things that can go wrong. Take blowdrying for example, the heat from the blowdryer can actually damage your beard. Beard oils is however a great heat protector and can help you protect your beard from the heat.

Below is my video showing you how to apply beard oil, check it out.

Is this how you apply beard oil? Or do you have another way to do it, leave a comment!

A common question I get, is: “I’m loosing beard hair, is that normal?”…. Well, yes, and it depends on the amount of beard hair. Because just as the hair on your head, you will loose some everyday and it’s completely normal. Those hairs are dead and were meant to come out sooner or later. New beard will grow and it will look much better.

What did you think of my video? Did you like it? Hate it? Leave a comment!

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Beard Oil Advent Calendar from The Bearded Man Company

Beard Oil Advent Calendar

What could possibly be better than a Beard Oil Advent Calendar? Well, not much, that’s for sure. The Beard Oil Advent Calendar from The Bearded Man Company is exactly what YOU, your boyfriend, partner, brother, father or bearded cousin NEEDS. It contains 24 different beard oils with different exciting scents, one for each day up until Christmas. I genius idea and a super fun gift for your bearded friends and family, just be sure to get it now in November to be able to start opening on December 1st.

The Bearded Man company have made a Beard Oil Advent Calendar before, but this year it looks nicer then ever.

Beard Oil Advent Calendar

What do you think? Doesn’t it look amazing?

I also made a short video about it, just so you can get a feel of the size and quality of it. Check out the video below, and please leave a comment with your thoughts.

Are you getting the Beard Oil Advent Calendar from The Bearded Man Company yet?

If you live in Sweden you can find the calendar at Beardshop.se – and if you live outside of Sweden, just google “Beard Oil Advent Calendar The Bearded Man Company” and you will find lots of stores carrying it.

I will be opening the beard oil calendar on video on Beardshop’s Instagram and Facebook pages, starting December 1st, so be sure to follow them to follow along (it will be in Swedish tho).

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I’m super excited to be opening the Beard Oil Advent Calendar, even tho I have tried many of their oils before, it is going to be a daily thing for December, and I hope it will get me into the Christmas spirit again, which haven’t really been there since I was a kid. But this might change that again and really bring out the young me again!

Are you getting the calendar? Leave a comment 🙂

You can also read all my other blog posts here!

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BEARD TALK – How to make your beard look bigger

How to make your beard look bigger

This is not a magical formula, beard growth hormons or beard voodoo, this is a simple trick to make your beard look bigger, especially in photos. The trick is pretty basic and often overlooked because of its simplicity, and we tend to forget this when having a bad beard day or days we don’t think our beard look that great…. even tho most beards are fantastic.

Why would you want to do this? Well, everyone(?) want to look their best at most times, and this trick is one that really works and can make your photo or video have your beard on absolute point.

So, the trick to make your beard look bigger is shown in my video below, and I hope you will like it. Please leave a comment if you use this trick when your are taking selfies, photos etc.

What did you think of the video? Is this something you use to think about when trying to make your beard look bigger?

I myself tend to always wear black or dark clothing, not because it will make your beard look bigger, but because I like dark clothing, and because this also does the trick, it’s a win-win situation. I know that my beard isn’t that small or thin to begin with, but with a white shirt I really feel exposed and like I’m having a bad beard day.

So, please watch the video and leave a comment if you enjoyed this little trick, and tell me what you usually do to keep your beard in perfect condition.

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Beard Talk ep. 1 – Beardilizer Citrus Blast

Beardilizer Citrus Blast

Welcome to my first ever Beard Talk, in this episode we are talking about the Beardilizer Citrus Blast beard oil – Beard Talk is where I will be talking about different beard products and testing them on video. Hopefully I’ll be able to do this regularly and make it a cornerstone content of my channel.

Beardilizer Citrus Blast is one of my absolute favourite beard oils of all time, and that is because I love citrusy scents, especially Lime. Beardilizer Citrus Blast offers a super sweet and fresh scent of citrus, and I can’t believe how intrigued I am of this scent.

The viscosity is a tad too loose for my taste, I would love a little bit thicker beard oil, but all in all this Beardilizer Citrus Blast beard oil really hits the spot. It smells so good I almost want to drink it.

You can check out my video here, where I’m talking about the Beardilizer Citrus Blast beard oil on camera:

What do you think? Do you like citrusy beard oils?

I’m not payed to say any of this, but I did get a discount code for all of you to use, and that discount code is: “HOUSEOFMANE” – and if you use that code over at Beard-Growth.com you will get 10-15% off on your purchase.


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The Beards Limited edition USB Beard Comb giveaway

The Beards USB Beard Comb?

Yes, The Beards have released a USB Beard Comb stick, containing their final live show. It was released on World Beard Day, September 2nd, as a commemorate piece for us die hard fans. The USB Beard Comb is a Limited Edition The Beards memorabilia, and every true fan should own one.

Here’s the link to my video and giveaway on Youtube!

And since I’m such a nice person, I decided to get two extra, which I’m now giving away on my Youtube channel. A perfect opportunity if you want to own a piece of Beard History.

The Beards are (or was) an Australian band whose songs are all about beards. They are such a fantastic band, and awesome people. I’ve had the privilege of meeting them on several occasions and I will cherish that forever. I also have their autographs on the back of a jacket, hidden away in my closet.

The Beards did unfortunately do their last show on September 2nd of 2017 (Who knows, they might be back). And to celebrate that last show, they released this USB Beard Comb, with the entire final show loaded on the USB stick. A great show and a sad moment in beard music history.

I do hope that The Beards will be back in a near future and do a few more shows. They are truly the best band I have ever seen live, and I’ve seen A LOT of bands. I’ve been to Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Steel Panther etc (hundreds of huge bands on festivals), but no band have been as good as The Beards are live.

So, what are you waiting for, head on over to my Youtube channel and check out this video on how to enter the giveaway:


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#heartbeard – My way of trying to fight heart disease with my beard

#heartbeard – fighting heart disease with beards!

Or, at least I’m using my beard to spread the word about #heartbeard and heart disease. I created the #heartbeard logo and hashtag about 4 years ago in an attempt to help others, and myself in a way. Heart disease is one of those diseases that can lay dormant for years and strike when you least expect it. My family got to experience that first hand when my father died at age 52 in 2008. Two days after his birthday…

We knew he had problems with his heart before, but “nothing serious”. By nothing serious I mean that he did not need a pacemaker, he was not up for transplant or heavily medicated. He was an energetic full time worker and managed a horse farm in his free time. Sure, he had been to the hospital before and got medication, but he was off most of his meds because he was “healthy”.

#heartbeard logoThen one morning he and my mother got up in the morning as usual, they went to the stables to feed the horses like usual. My mother later told me that the only thing that was “odd”, was that he felt a bit tired… but who doesn’t at 7 in the morning. After they did the morning chores they got ready for work, my father who started at 9, said he was gonna lay down for a few minutes and rest while my mother headed off to work. He fell asleep and never woke up.

That was a turning point in my life, I had been struggling with depression, social anxiety and drinking too much, and it was time for me to straighten up. Not only for myself, but also for my family, and my future (insert kids/cats/dogs/wife/etc). They years followed I worked on myself and “overcame” my social anxiety and depression. Overcame in the sense that I now have my good days and my bad days, the good days being 95% of my daily life.

But the death of my father also sparked an investigation of me and my brothers to see if we had the same kind of heart disease. The doctors insisted on testing us due to the fact that my father, grandfather and great grandfather all died suddenly in their 50’s, and we don’t have medical history further back then that. The test showed that I had heart disease… but not my brothers.

The sentence wasDilated cardiomyopathy” (<— Wikipedia link), the same as my father. The next few months and years I did numerous tests and hospital visits, I got medication and there where even talk about getting a pacemaker, but I ended up being declared healthy. Healthy? Well, I guess I am, I have never really suffered from my condition, but at the same time, my father never did either.

I have a few funny stories from my hospital visits that I will share in future blog posts, many including blood and needles…. Haha, it might not sound funny, but I promise, they are!

#heartbeard t-shirts from SpreadshirtAnyway, I’m here to talk about #heartbeard – but it needed a little bit of explaining first. #heartbeard is a pretty big deal to me, and close to my heart (pun intended) due to my and my father’s medical history. When I created #heartbeard my goal was to raise lot’s of money for the Swedish Heart & Lung Foundation, and I did. Or not a lot, but every cent counts.

I designed some shirts to help in my campaign, and you can find them over at Spreadshirt. After Spreadshirt take their cut, the remaining money will go directly to the Heart & Lung Foundation.

So, that’s it, if you feel like contributing, please buy a shirt and help spread the word. Or just share this post to help. My goal has always been to NOTuse Spreadshirt as a manufacturer, as the percentage I get to donate is pretty low, but at the same time, it’s very convenient and can be used from all around the world. I also have a dedicated website set up for #heartbeard, and it’s located at http://heartbeard.org, check it out. It hasn’t been updated in a while, but I will try to do it more often.

Do you have heart disease, or do you have someone in your family with it? Share your story in the comments!

Be sure to follow #heartbeard on Social Media!

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Read my series on overcoming social anxiety!

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The Barber Pole – Origin of the red, white and blue barber’s pole

Why is the barber pole red, white and blue?

The barber pole, or barber’s pole is a more and more common sight today all over the world. The well renowned craftsmanship of the barbers are coming back after falling out of style during the eighties. Much due to the aids/HIV hysteria going on back then, barbers lost customers who where afraid to get infected by poorly cleaned razors and equipment. That is however a thing of the past, and much have changed since then, both in sanitation and precautions, but also equipment is much better nowadays, especially shavettes, or disposable blade razors which almost completely eradicate any chance of some kind of disease spreading through blood. But, that’s not why we are here, no, we are talking about the barber pole, or barber’s pole, and why is it red, white and blue?

Red, White and Blue

Some say that the red, white and blue stands for the American flag, but there are no proof thats the case. In some countries the barber’s pole is only red and white or blue and white. Archaeologists have found evidence of razors dating back to around 3500 BC in ancient Egypt, which also suggests that there were some kind of barber profession back then. However, barbers back in the old days was a little bit different from our modern time barber who only cut hair, trim beards etc. Barbers were actually a kind of surgeon in the beginning, besides cutting hair and beards, they also performed dentistry in the form of pulling teeth, blood letting* and other surgical things. This however was banned in the 1160’s, which separated the surgeon and barber profession into two different professions.

George Klipp Spånga barber


The barber pole, or barber’s pole dates back to the middle ages, back when barbers performed all kinds of things on patients, which may seem gruesome today. The barber pole with it’s red, white and blue stripes, where originally BLUE, WHITE and RED at the bottom. Blue symbolizing a vessel filled with leaches used in bloodletting, where the leaches sucked the “infected” blood from patients, thinking it would help cleanse the blood. The red stripe at the bottom then symbolized the vessel where the blood was caught or stored, and the white was the pole itself, where the patient would grab on to increase blood flow of the veins, draining the blood faster or bandages.

Pretty gruesome right?!

Yes, it was, but there are also other theories about the barber pole, in which where the blue stands for the venous blood, the red for arterial blood and the white stands for bandages, which could make sense as well. In England around the 1300’s the United Barber Surgeon’s Company was formed, and they enforced a law where barbers where required to use a blue and white pole, while surgeons was required to use a red and white pole.

There you have it, even tho these are just historical and archaeological findings and we may not be a 100% certain, these explanations actually make sense.

Barber Pole - George Klipp Spånga barber


Visit Bloodletting on Wikipedia to read more about it!

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Beard Wipes – How to clean your beard after a meal

Beard wipes?! Yes, you heard me!

Beard Wipes are quite a new thing in the beard community, the earliest I’ve seen was about 1.5 years ago, and after that only a few brands have produced them.

Originally posted on Ratemybeard.se

Why are Beard Wipes a life saver?
Well, we all eat out sometimes, some more then others, but when we do, regular napkins really doesn’t do the job properly. Imagine after having a sloppy burger, soup or greasy ribs, the restaurants dry napkins aren’t that good to be honest. Sure, your beard and moustache might feel clean, but then after an hour or two you start to feel the smell of your last meal, wondering where it comes from. Before you know it, you realise the smell is coming from your beard or moustache.

Thats because when you cleaned it with a regular napkin, you only got the visible stuff off your beard. The rest, the smell, the sauces, the microscopic parts of food, they are still there.

What can Beard Wipes do then?
The Beard Wipes contain cleaning agents that get everything microscopic and smelly out of your beard, and at the same time moisturising it, making it feel crispy fresh and clean. After the use of a beard wipe, your beard and moustache will feel like your straight out of the shower, fixing your beard. You know that awesome feeling of satisfaction after prepping your beard in the morning. There’s nothing better then that freshness!

Beardilizer Beard WipesWhere can I get Beard Wipes?
You can get them from Beardilizer – buy them in packs of 10 and you are set for awhile. Not only do they come in beautiful packaging, but one wipe will definitely clean your whole beard and moustache, no matter the size. They also contain a keratin and wheat protein blend which helps protect your beard from UV rays, pollution, skin dryness, dust and other contaminants. They contain an antibacterial agent as well as Biotin and D-Panthenol whick are key ingredients for making your beard in stronger, better and thicker!

You can get them from Beardilizer here!


These Beard Wipes are great for wiping your moustache after a cup of coffee!