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CRAZY Magnet Fishing Finds at a NEW SPOT | IS THAT VOODOO STUFF? Trash magnet!

What did we find magnet fishing this bridge? Did we find someones voodoo/hoodoo stuff while magnet fishing? Or is it just someones ornaments? It got hooked on the bike and the round part was wood/bamboo, with a rock wrapped in what looked like leafs. We also found a crazy amount of bikes at this magnet fishing spot. I use a 2000 lbs double sided neodymium magnet as a trash magnet when magnet fishing. It is a super strong magnet that can pull A LOT of weight. It is easy to get snagged between rocks and on static metal pieces, so you need to be careful when using the super strong trash magnet. Do you need magnet fishing tips? Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments, and I will answer. We love magnet fishing, and finding guns, weapons, bikes, trolleys, fishing lures and whatever while magnet fishing with a super strong magnet is really fun. It is like a treasure hunt under water, and a surprise almost every throw. We love cleaning the environment and helping mother earth as much as we can. Don’t forget to subscribe for more magnet fishing videos, and more adventure and outdoors videos. And giving the video a thumbs up would help me out very much 🙂 Need music for your Youtube videos? Check out my affiliate link and sign up for Epidemic Sound. All music used in my videos are courtesy of ES. Amazing music and sound effects for Youtube. *Check out SKAGGFOBI on Social Media!* Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Twitch #magnetfishing #magnetfishingfinds


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