RECYCLING all our MAGNET FISHING Finds Cleaning rivers & lakes | Trash magnet

You WON’T BELIEVE what we get MAGNET FISHING in rivers and lakes. What do we do with the trash we collect from said rivers and lakes while magnet fishing? We go to a recycling center to have them recycled and taken care of. Wether we find guns, weapons, bikes, trash and bits of metal and other scrap, we take care of it and recycle to make the world a better and cleaner place. I use a 2000 lbs double sided neodymium magnet as a trash magnet when magnet fishing. It is a super strong magnet that can pull A LOT of weight. It is easy to get snagged between rocks and on static metal pieces, so you need to be careful when using the super strong trash magnet. We don’t get paid for the scrap, we just want to do good by cleaning up the environment and help mother nature. What do you do with all the trash you get while magnet fishing? We love magnet fishing and use out super magnet to clean the ocean, rivers and lakes from scrap metal, bikes, guns, weapons and all kinds of different trash. Helping mother nature maybe recover just a little bit and making it nicer for future generations. Also, it feels like treasure hunting and that is really fun. Need music for your Youtube videos? Check out my affiliate link and sign up for Epidemic Sound. All music used in my videos are courtesy of ES. Amazing music and sound effects for Youtube. *Check out SKAGGFOBI on Social Media!* Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Twitch #magnetfishing #magnetfishingfinds

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