FOUND A TV while magnet fishing! (Probably stolen TV)

We hit the JACKPOT magnet fishing in the ocean, and this is part 3. In this video we find a TV while magnet fishing. And we suspect that the TV was stolen. We spent 7 hours magnet fishing in Hudiksvall in Sweden. We found a lot of bikes, and even a TV. But also some tools, small metal parts and clothing. It was a crazy ocean magnet fishing finds day, and super fun. Viking runestone video:… Huge THANK YOU to Kevin who filmed some b-roll and took some amazing photos. Check him out at… – a super nice guy with amazing content 🙂 Magnet fishing and treasure hunting is a new hobby of mine where I use a super strong magnet to pull junk, trash and treasures out of the water. While fun and all, it is also a good way to clean our rivers and lakes.

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