Framtidens Youtuber meetup at Scandinavian Photo & United Screens.

Framtidens Youtuber meetup at Scandinavian Photo & United Screens. Our Framtidens Youtuber class of 2017/2018 met up in Stockholm at the new Scandinavian Photo store where we got a tour, a appearance from the Swedish Youtuber Hampus Hedström. Then we moved on to another tour at United Screens where we met Jessica, Olle Öberg and FreddyFairHair.

A great day, and so much fun meeting everyone. You can find links to their Youtube videos below:
Robin Backman:
Dianas Stigar:
Sofia Wamsler:
Hampus Hedström:
Olle Öberg:

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The Scandinavian Photo store on Vasagatan 16 is so amazing. The light, the ambience and the products are really perfect. I hope to go back again soon. We had a field day with our Youtuber course and got to meet each other for the first time, and we got to meet the famous Swedish Youtuber Hampus Hedström, a really nice guy and super funny comedian. It was a really nice opportunity to visit the United Screens office on Kammakargatan and see how they work, it looked like a really fun workplace. And a bonus was that we got to meet, Jessica, Olle Öberg and FreddyFairHair who sat down with us and talked for over an hour.

Jag går kursen Framtidens Youtuber på Kalix Folkhögskola, och detta var vår första träff. Vi som går är även de första som går denna kurs någonsin i Sverige. Mer information om kursen:

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