We spent the day at Järvzoo – Beautiful nordic animals!

Järvzoo – a zoo that show animals in their natural habitat

Järvzoo is located in my hometown of Järvsö, Sweden. Järvzoo is a zoo that focuses on showing the nordic animals in their natural habitat in the untouched forest. You walk around the zoo on a 3 kilometer long wooden platform up and down the mountain with animal pens on each side. The animal pens are spread widely apart and some are huge, based on the animals size.

Some animals might be hard to spot depending on the weather, time of day and feeding times. Since the zoo focuses on the animals, there are lots of places for the animals to hide. Along the platform there are reststops, and even a small kiosk selling lighter lunches.

Järvzoo Andreas Fransson

One of my favourite animals at Järvzoo is the muskox, a large majestic creature taken right from a fantasy novel, it looks like no other animal and have such a intimidating posture and grace. It’s a calm animal and I would love to pet one. You can read about the muskox on Wikipedia here!

The wooden platform runs through the deep dark forest and sometimes I find myself just staring out into nothing, listening to the silence and feeling the calm winds running through the trees.The peace and serenity you feel walking around this zoo is something I have never felt anywhere else, and I’m going to purchase a season pass to the park just to be able to experience this as much as I want.

Some of the animals you might see at Järvzoo is moose, reindeer, arctic foxes, wolves, owls, eagles, hawks, muskoxes, bears and many more. But one of my absolute favourites are the squirrels, they are so damn cute and run around freely in the park, jumping from tree to tree, and even come close to you. A few years ago I had a squirrel sitting on my shoulder trying to steal my ice cream, they are that “tame”.


Check out their website to plan a visit!

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