Introducing Lady Marley Monroe – kitten cuteness overload!

Lady Marley Monroe – tiny, cute and weird!

Lady Marley Monroe is the name of our new kitten we got the other day. She was born March 21st 2017 and is about 13 weeks when this post is written(June 11, 2017). We always wanted a cat in our family, but living in Stockholm for the past five years in sublet contracts and tiny apartments was not the optimal setting for a cat, so we held off on our plan. But now when we moved to the countryside and my hometown we felt that this was the perfect time, we have a big apartment, glassed in balcony, huge windows, toys and lots of sunlight.

We named her Lady Marley Monroe because she is so cute, and laid back – a Bob Marley and Marilyn Monroe rolled into one… and lady because, well, she’s a lady! She has a tortoiseshell coating and semi long fur, and she’s soft as clouds. She has green’ish eyes and a nose tiny nose. A pretty short tail so far and she is just adorable, just look at this:

Lady Marley Monroe kitten cat

Lady Marley Monroe in the windowLady Marley Monroe is our first pet together and it was love at first sight, me being raised with animals all my life – dogs, cats, bunnies, horses, cows etc – have really missed having a pet, and working from home often is perfect when having a kitten. Even Lady Marley Monroe got accustomed to us and her new home very quickly – after just 30 minutes she slept beside us, used the toilet and ate her food.

She’s a feisty little one and she loves playing with my feet for some reason, maybe she’s trying to fight the odour, I don’t know, haha! Other then that we bought her a scratching pole, a cat tree to climb and some balls, rats and other toys she can play with. At this very moment she is sitting in the window looking out at the people and traffic outside – I can’t handle the cuteness!

Below are som more pictures of her, and if you want to see more, follow @ladymarleymonroe on Instagram – where we will update with more pictures and videos of her daily life!



Lady Marley Monroe
Oh, did you know that Lady Marley Monroe used to be the lead singer in KISS before she came to us?! xD


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