How to make a great cup of coffee fast

How to make a great cup of coffee

How to make a great cup of coffee. You probably Google’d this before and found tons of different tips and tricks on how to make it. Often those guides contain almost scientific and impossible steps on getting that perfect cup, but not here. We will show you how to make a great cup of coffee, fast, easy and it will turn out delicious…

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Well, it’s not that hard to be honest. First of all you need to get some high quality coffee (Which you can find at – not that cheap bitter stuff you find at the supermarket. Or, you just chose the brand you like and love to drink.

How to make a cup of coffeeThen you can get an AeroPress, it’s pretty cheap and is very easy to use. Check out the video below on how we use an AeroPress to make our drink. And if you need great coffee, check out our awesome java at! AeroPress uses force and air to press out all the goodness in the coffee and leave the bitterness behind. It’s easy and can be used by everyone, the amount of force used is very low.

Be sure to not use boiling water directly, you might burn the coffee and it will taste funky. First boil the water, and let it sit for about one minute to “cool” down. It should be hot, but not boiling.

Everyone has different techniques and way to do this, but then again, we all like different things. We highly recommend this way, because you get a very smooth and amazing taste.

Do you have your own specific way to make morning drink? Do you use a special device or technique? Let us know in the comments!

Our delicious black nectar is available to buy in Sweden at

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