Beard Wipes – How to clean your beard after a meal

Beard wipes?! Yes, you heard me!

Beard Wipes are quite a new thing in the beard community, the earliest I’ve seen was about 1.5 years ago, and after that only a few brands have produced them.

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Why are Beard Wipes a life saver?
Well, we all eat out sometimes, some more then others, but when we do, regular napkins really doesn’t do the job properly. Imagine after having a sloppy burger, soup or greasy ribs, the restaurants dry napkins aren’t that good to be honest. Sure, your beard and moustache might feel clean, but then after an hour or two you start to feel the smell of your last meal, wondering where it comes from. Before you know it, you realise the smell is coming from your beard or moustache.

Thats because when you cleaned it with a regular napkin, you only got the visible stuff off your beard. The rest, the smell, the sauces, the microscopic parts of food, they are still there.

What can Beard Wipes do then?
The Beard Wipes contain cleaning agents that get everything microscopic and smelly out of your beard, and at the same time moisturising it, making it feel crispy fresh and clean. After the use of a beard wipe, your beard and moustache will feel like your straight out of the shower, fixing your beard. You know that awesome feeling of satisfaction after prepping your beard in the morning. There’s nothing better then that freshness!

Beardilizer Beard WipesWhere can I get Beard Wipes?
You can get them from Beardilizer – buy them in packs of 10 and you are set for awhile. Not only do they come in beautiful packaging, but one wipe will definitely clean your whole beard and moustache, no matter the size. They also contain a keratin and wheat protein blend which helps protect your beard from UV rays, pollution, skin dryness, dust and other contaminants. They contain an antibacterial agent as well as Biotin and D-Panthenol whick are key ingredients for making your beard in stronger, better and thicker!

You can get them from Beardilizer here!


These Beard Wipes are great for wiping your moustache after a cup of coffee!

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