VIKINGS were here! 1000 year old VIKING RUNESTONE in Sweden

On the mysterious island of Järvsö, often covered in thick cold mist during early mornings, called Church Island, stands the Rune stone of Järvsö, believed to have been erected a thousand years ago, around 1025-1050. It stands by the church which was built in 1838. But before that, there were an old stone church located at the same place, dated back to around the 13th century. Right next to the church is Hellberg, whose name suggests that the place before the Christian era was probably also a pagan place of worship. There have been grave mounds found in and around the town of Järvsö. Do you want to see more videos like this? Leave a thumbs up, subscribe and hit that notification bell. The writing on the rune stone says: “Unnulv and Fjolvar erected this stone after Djure, his father, Redulv’s son and after Haurlau, his mother, Fjolvar’s daughter at Vitgudstad.”

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