The American Food & Gift store in Stockholm

Find American food & candy in Stockholm

American FoodAs a long time customer of the American Food & Gift Store in Stockholm, Sweden, I can’t other then warmly recommend this place. Not only is the manager super friendly, but there are tons of stuff, especially for such a small place. If you ever want to visit the store, it’s located on Sveavägen, just take the Subway to Rådmansgatan and walk about 100 meters towards Odenplan and you will find it.

As a Swede, we are not very used to American food, candy, drinks etc, we have mostly domestic candy and drink, for the exception of big named brands of course, which are plentiful. Coming to this store really gets you in a great mood.

Find awesome stuff

This store packs a huge supply of everything you would ever want when it comes to American food & candy. As a sucker for Reeses Pieces, I love this place. Pop Rocks are another thing not very common in Swedish, but here you’ll find a wide selection of different flavours and brands. The American Food & Gift Store have a big selection of drinks, cookie mixes, cereals, syrup, Kool Aid etc. They even have a fantastic selection of Star Wars toys, cups, plates, coasters and much more. Check out the pictures to see some of the stuff they have.

Although a bit pricey, times like these you cant be picky if you really want American Candy.

They also have a American Food & Gift Store in Täby, Stockholm. It’s located in Täby Centrum, just a train ride away from the city, which is not that bad, that store is even bigger, but I have not been there yet.

If you want to visit the store, the address is:
Sveavägen 106, 113 50 Stockholm

The store in Täby is located in Täby Centrum

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  1. alison January 13, 2018 at 1:12 pm

    be sure to check the expiration date before you purchase! many things in the store are near expiration…have even seen things that are already expired.

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