Fast Food Friday – How to make hummus the delicious way

How to make hummus

How to make hummus? Well, that is easy actually, super easy! So easy that I made a video below to show you.

But first of all, I love cooking, and I always have. I grew up with a mother who worked at a catering business, cooking for weddings, funerals, parties etc, and sometimes I helped with the serving, bartending and folding napkins. I think that is where I get my love for cooking from.

I started a Youtube channel in September 2017 and started making Fast Food Friday videos, where I cooked easy, healthy and fast recipes on video, but when I decided to profile my channel towards beards, fast food Friday had to make way… but who knows, I might start a whole new channel just making food, that would be so much fun, but I need a bigger and better kitchen for that.

Here is the videon where I show you How to make hummus!

What did you think? Not that hard, right?

I have always loved hummus at restaurants, but didn’t really know how to make it until I looked it up. Lo and behold, it was super easy. I thought a video named How to make hummus would be perfect for my Fast Food Friday segment. You can check out my Fast Food Friday playlist on Youtube here: Fast Food Friday Playlist – there are a few videos there.

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