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SURSTRÖMMING CHALLENGE | Äter en hel burk surströmming och nästan kräks!

SURSTRÖMMING CHALLENGE | Äter en hel burk surströmming och nästan kräks! Vad gör man inte för sina subscribers och följare? Denna video är till ER! Tack som fan för 200 prenumeranter, ni är bäst!

Svara gärna på min Pest- eller Kolerafråga genom att tumma upp eller ner videon om du helt:
TUMMA UPP om du: Aldrig mer få äta frukt eller grönsaker?
TUMMA NER om du: Aldrig mer få äta Godis eller snacks?


Gillar du surströmming?

Jag har fått lära mig att det är vanligt att man gör challenges när man når ett mål här på Youtube, så därför äter jag en hel burk surströmming och nästan kräks på kuppen, och det gör jag för att ni är så himla grymma =)

Tycker du jag ska lägga in en Dagens fråga i mina videos som ni får rösta på?

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Testar LET’S FEAST Läsk

Testar LET’S FEAST Läsk från Dirtwater Fox Brewery. En ekologisk läskeblask med smak av ananas och kokos från Dirtwater Fox Brewery och deras samarbete med Let’s Feast.

Jag tyckte läsken var riktigt god, väldigt söt med en hint av ananas och kokos. Riktigt fräsh och jag önskar jag hade haft tillgång till den i somras.

Jag hittade Let’s Feast’s läsk på Delitea där jag beställde 6 stycken burkar. Sjukt snabb leverans då dom dök upp redan dagen efter.

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Fast Food Friday – How to make hummus the delicious way

How to make hummus

How to make hummus? Well, that is easy actually, super easy! So easy that I made a video below to show you.

But first of all, I love cooking, and I always have. I grew up with a mother who worked at a catering business, cooking for weddings, funerals, parties etc, and sometimes I helped with the serving, bartending and folding napkins. I think that is where I get my love for cooking from.

I started a Youtube channel in September 2017 and started making Fast Food Friday videos, where I cooked easy, healthy and fast recipes on video, but when I decided to profile my channel towards beards, fast food Friday had to make way… but who knows, I might start a whole new channel just making food, that would be so much fun, but I need a bigger and better kitchen for that.

Here is the videon where I show you How to make hummus!

What did you think? Not that hard, right?

I have always loved hummus at restaurants, but didn’t really know how to make it until I looked it up. Lo and behold, it was super easy. I thought a video named How to make hummus would be perfect for my Fast Food Friday segment. You can check out my Fast Food Friday playlist on Youtube here: Fast Food Friday Playlist – there are a few videos there.

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Fast Food Friday – Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Halloumi Wrap

Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Halloumi Wrap

In this weeks Fast Food Friday I’m making a Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Halloumi Wrap – and you know what?! It is super delicious, super easy and super fast to make. Just check my video below and it will BLOW YOUR MIND!

I for one love Halloumi, and a Halloumi Wrap with Jamaican Jerk Chicken is the perfect combo to really enjoy a fantastic lunch or dinner. I mean, the taste that the halloumi gets in combination with the jerk chicken is just unbelievable, and it so darn good.

I did however hear something about Halloumi being super expensive, or not even available in some places in the US, is that true? Let me know by leaving a comment, because everyone deserved delicious halloumi cheese in their lives.

Here’s my video of the Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Halloumi Wrap:

Did it look delicious? Yeah, I know, right!

As you can see in the video, I’m not using that many ingredients, and it’s basically cutting up veggies, frying up the chicken and halloumi, and you’re done. In this stressful day you need something fast and easy, and spicy…. The fall is upon us and the winter is coming, and by adding some chipotle salsa I really spiced up this dish. You can skip that if you want, but it was so delicious. You can also change it up by adding different sauces, different veggies and really make it your own, you will love it.

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How to CARVE A PUMPKIN for the first time ever


Most of you probably already know how to carve a pumpkin, but for me, living in Sweden, it’s pretty new thing to be honest. Halloween has never been a big deal in Sweden, unfortunately, because I love Halloween, dressing up and making costumes, but since there are so little Halloween spirit in Sweden, most of us just don’t celebrate it.

I did however make a video of my first EVER pumpkin carving…. in my life. Hey, I’m 34 years old and never carved a pumpkin, until now. And to be honest, I think I did a pretty good (OK) job, don’t you think? I remember a couple of years ago, probably 6 or 7, I actually dressed up and went to a Halloween party, and I always go in 200% when I do something, needless to say, I won best costume. I dressen up as a bloody mental patient I think, or something like that.

Do you carve pumpkins in your family? Or, do you even celebrate Halloween? Please let me know and also include what country you live in 🙂

Check out my video on how to carve a pumpkin, and please let me know what you think.

Did I do OK carving this pumpkin? 😀

I actually had a really great time and I’m thinking of getting another pumpkin before Halloween is over and do another one, but maybe not on video tho, or should I?! Maybe carving a pumpkin with power tools would be a pretty cool thing, haha.

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Mifú Milk Protein in this weeks Fast Food Friday

Mifu Milk Protein from Valio

We tried cooking with Mifu, or Mifú, Milk Protein from Valio and I was pleasantly surprised.

The last couple of months we have been eating better then ever, we have cut down on meat to an almost absolute zero and adopted a kind of vegetarian lifestyle… why? Well, there are a number of reasons, but for me it’s mostly because I have never liked vegetables, and I’m feeling that I’m missing out on something. For my girlfriends it’s the handling of animals and the f’ed up meat industry that’s the main reason.

I do however eat the occasional meat dish for lunch when I’m working or going out with friends, and that’s because I can’t seem to find a good vegetarian substitute here where we’re living at the moment. It’s a small town and most of the restaurants serve vegetarian meals as salads… which is pretty boring.

I’ve been doing Fast Food Friday a couple of weeks now, and always cooked meatless dishes, and when we were at the store last week we picked up som Mifu, or Mifú, which is a milk protein perfect for your frying pan. The Mifu came seasoned in different flavours, as well as natural, but we chose a pepper and chili flavoured one.

I actually kind of liked it, and the more I ate, the tastier it got. You can check out me cooking with the Mifu, or Mifú in the video below, and please leave a comment if you have tried it and let me know what you thought about it. I seasoned everything with som soy, pepper, salt, garam masala and garlic spice. And also added some fried up red union and paprika.

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Swedish caviar – a delicacy you never thought you’d eat… ever in your life

Swedish caviar – have you tried it?

Swedish caviar must be one of those things you either love or hate, I really don’t think that there are something in between there. For those of you who are new to Swedish caviar I can tell you that it’s nothing at all like the regular “russian caviar” served at restaurants etc. No, Swedish caviar is of a more refined taste, a more smokey and salty taste.

Where regular caviar is enjoyed with all kinds of fancy dishes, our caviar is mostly eaten with eggs, preferably boiled or fried eggs. A sandwich with Swedish caviar is also common, but only caviar (with the exception of eggs) and butter. The distinct taste of out caviar really doesn’t play well with other ingredients.

swedish caviar on sandwichThe Swedish caviar is made from cod and coalfish roe, which is pretty funny when you think about it. Roe being fish eggs turned in to caviar, eaten with regular eggs… InEggCeption! Our caviar is marketed as a sandwich spread and is refined in a very special way. The roe is smoked which gives it more taste, and is then mixed with tomato puré, potatoes, sugar and other additives. The caviar have been manufactured by Abba Seafood since 1954, which means that there are a market for it, especially in Sweden.

The taste is hard to explain. Imagine a more smokey and a little bit flavorful taste than the Australian treat, Vegemite. Even tho I do not like Vegemite, I do like Swedish caviar. I do believe that they are pretty similar in the Love/Hate category.

So, what are the do’s and don’ts with Swedish caviar?

First of all, and I can’t stress this enough, DO NOT drink orange juice, fruity lemonade or soda after you’ve eaten caviar, the taste is so horrible and will make you cringe like never before. It has almost the same effect at toothpaste and drinks. Second thing is, do not take too much on your sandwich/eggs/etc, the taste is pretty overpowering. Also, trying other combinations then eggs and sandwiches can make you very disappointed. I wrote a post yesterday about odd food combinations, and there were some Swedish caviar combos that I strongly advise against, like caviar on banana. That combo sound like it could be the end of the world, a mix filled with banana caviar is too much to handle even for the most seasoned caviar eater.

DO however enjoy the caviar with boiled or fried eggs, it’s really really good. Also as a spread on a sandwich, preferable with eggs as well. I’m trying to come up with other uses for caviar, but I can’t. I can only see myself eating it with eggs or on a sandwich.

Let me know in the comments about your caviar experiences, and if you are interested, we can set something up where I send you a tube.

The Swedish company Abba Seafood made a series of commercials to further promote their product, and here’s clip they made when they treated people to the caviar in Los Angeles. See for yourself what people thought about it. I love how they admit that it’s not for everyone! You can check out their other caviar commercials here, where they visit other cities around the world.


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Odd food combinations – a delicious treat or a horrible experience

Odd food combinations are a fun thing to try, trust me.

Have you ever come up with odd food combinations you never thought would work out? Let me know in the comments which ones are your favourites!

Odd food combinations - How does Swedish caviar tasteI came to think about odd food combinations one night when I sat infront of the TV eating salted crackers and drinking coke. The sweet coke gave those salty crackers such a wonderful taste that I was kind of shocked, which I shouldn’t be to be honest, salt and sweet go great together. Even tho salted crackers and coke aren’t weird at all, that sparked my interest for other more odd food combinations.

I asked around among my friends in Bearded Villains Sweden, and I got some really odd ones.

  • Ketchup on boiled eggs
  • Cheese slices with mustard on
  • Pickles and vanilla ice cream
  • French fries and ice cream
  • Chocolate dipped potato chips
  • Pizza topped with shrimp sallad, crushed potato chips and one can of tomato mackerel
  • Swedish caviar on banana

Those where just a few odd food combinations i gathered, but I would love if you would comment on this post with your own combos.


Odd food combinations french fries with ice creamI get some of them, but ketchup on boiled eggs? Yuck! Fried eggs, sure. But boiled… na, not for me. Although writing this post I kind of want to challenge myself to try those things, maybe I’m just picky or misinformed. Those could be the lost delicacies of the world, or they will make my gag reflexes work overtime. Cheese slices with mustard, that one actually sounds good, some really nice cheese with sweet mustard, I like it.


Pickles and vanilla ice cream…. First thing that came to mind was a one way ticket to the porcelain throne, but letting that idea run a extra lap around my brain might win me over. The thing that intrigues me is the salt and sweet combo, it worked for salted crackers and coke, right?!… French fries and ice cream might sound like a very odd food combination, but I have actually heard from a number of people who actually genuinely enjoys it. Can it be as disgusting as it sounds? Probably, but I think I need to try it.

Chocolate dipped potato chips… aren’t those a thing now? I think I saw them at the supermarket, but that might’ve been just chocolate shaped like potato chips. It does sound very good tho. What do you think?

The super topped pizza, hmm, yeah. I will leave that to the inventor, it just sounds like a pile of goo. But who am I to judge.

Ok, the Swedish caviar on banana, that is a big no go. I like Swedish caviar on boiled and fried eggs, on sandwiches and on… no, thats just about it. It’s also almost only marketed for eggs and sandwiches for a reason, it does not go together with anything else. I will write a whole blog post about Swedish caviar tomorrow, I just hope they invent “scratch and taste online” until then. It’s a taste you love to hate but still eat. And don’t get me started on drinking orange juice afterwards….

So, this concludes the odd food combinations post, and as I said before, please post a comment with your weird, “disgusting” and personal taste experiences.

Check out the Wikipedia page on Swedish Caviar

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The American Food & Gift store in Stockholm

Find American food & candy in Stockholm

American FoodAs a long time customer of the American Food & Gift Store in Stockholm, Sweden, I can’t other then warmly recommend this place. Not only is the manager super friendly, but there are tons of stuff, especially for such a small place. If you ever want to visit the store, it’s located on Sveavägen, just take the Subway to Rådmansgatan and walk about 100 meters towards Odenplan and you will find it.

As a Swede, we are not very used to American food, candy, drinks etc, we have mostly domestic candy and drink, for the exception of big named brands of course, which are plentiful. Coming to this store really gets you in a great mood.

Find awesome stuff

This store packs a huge supply of everything you would ever want when it comes to American food & candy. As a sucker for Reeses Pieces, I love this place. Pop Rocks are another thing not very common in Swedish, but here you’ll find a wide selection of different flavours and brands. The American Food & Gift Store have a big selection of drinks, cookie mixes, cereals, syrup, Kool Aid etc. They even have a fantastic selection of Star Wars toys, cups, plates, coasters and much more. Check out the pictures to see some of the stuff they have.

Although a bit pricey, times like these you cant be picky if you really want American Candy.

They also have a American Food & Gift Store in Täby, Stockholm. It’s located in Täby Centrum, just a train ride away from the city, which is not that bad, that store is even bigger, but I have not been there yet.

If you want to visit the store, the address is:
Sveavägen 106, 113 50 Stockholm

The store in Täby is located in Täby Centrum

Visit the store on Facebook