Beard Oil Advent Calendar from The Bearded Man Company

Beard Oil Advent Calendar

What could possibly be better than a Beard Oil Advent Calendar? Well, not much, that’s for sure. The Beard Oil Advent Calendar from The Bearded Man Company is exactly what YOU, your boyfriend, partner, brother, father or bearded cousin NEEDS. It contains 24 different beard oils with different exciting scents, one for each day up until Christmas. I genius idea and a super fun gift for your bearded friends and family, just be sure to get it now in November to be able to start opening on December 1st.

The Bearded Man company have made a Beard Oil Advent Calendar before, but this year it looks nicer then ever.

Beard Oil Advent Calendar

What do you think? Doesn’t it look amazing?

I also made a short video about it, just so you can get a feel of the size and quality of it. Check out the video below, and please leave a comment with your thoughts.

Are you getting the Beard Oil Advent Calendar from The Bearded Man Company yet?

If you live in Sweden you can find the calendar at – and if you live outside of Sweden, just google “Beard Oil Advent Calendar The Bearded Man Company” and you will find lots of stores carrying it.

I will be opening the beard oil calendar on video on Beardshop’s Instagram and Facebook pages, starting December 1st, so be sure to follow them to follow along (it will be in Swedish tho).

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I’m super excited to be opening the Beard Oil Advent Calendar, even tho I have tried many of their oils before, it is going to be a daily thing for December, and I hope it will get me into the Christmas spirit again, which haven’t really been there since I was a kid. But this might change that again and really bring out the young me again!

Are you getting the calendar? Leave a comment 🙂

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