Blood has been taken from me – now please give me a cookie!

So, they took my blood today and now I need a cookie!

I think yesterday’s post about procrastination really did something good, I actually crossed off the doctors appointment from the list, or at least a part of it when they took some of my blood for a checkup….

Blood needleI started my day by going to the doctors office to have my blood taken and sent off to a laboratory for testing. I’m not sick or anything, but sometimes it’s good to check and see if you lack certain vitamins or have some disease. Did I tell you that I hate needles?

Well, I’m a pretty big guy, bearded and covered with tattoos, I do not fit the stereotype of being scared of needles, but I am! Or… scared is a pretty big word for this occasion, I’m not scared per se, but I really dislike it. Not because it hurts, but because I can’t seem to look away when the stick the needle in me, and after holding my breath I tend to get lightheaded and dizzy. I wish they had cookies or some candy at the doctors office, I need that sugar kick after they took my blood.

Why do I dislike needles?

Well, this is a pretty fun story actually, and I have told it many times but never in writing. A few years ago I was at the hospital for a EKG checkup, a routine one, nothing weird about that. But before the procedure I had to leave some blood, and taking my blood was a pretty heavyset guy in his 40’s, nothing weird about that either. But…

As I was laying down on the hospital bed (Yes, I sometimes get to lay dawn not to faint) the big heavyset male nurse sticked me with the needle and everything was going great, and I was giving a few tubes of blood at the same time so it took a while…. Now comes the horrific part…

That big heavyset nurse… he had a pretty big stomach.. And for some reason, while the needle was inside my arm, he needed to reach for some instrument above my head… He stands up, leans in over me and… you get what happened right? Well, his big stomach pushes the needle into my arm even further, and I start to panic. But since I’m laying down I can’t go anywhere, I’m in a complete shock because of the pain, so I can’t get a single word out. I’m just laying there, hurting like hell while a heavyset male nurse’s stomach is pushing the needle further and further in to my arm.

Finally after maybe two second, which by the way felt like 10 minutes, he sat down again, not even noticing what happened. I was still in shock, so I didn’t even tell him what happened, maybe out of pity, maybe because I was hurting. Nevertheless, my whole arm by the elbow was blue’ish for two weeks after that, all because of a little bit of blood. I wish I had taken a picture back then, but hindsight aint my strongest game!

We still laugh about it to this day, it was such a unthinkable story, but now you might understand where my disliking of needles come from.

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