Chris Cornell Dead at 52 – What is happening with our rockstars!?!

The music industry lost a great performer today – Chris Cornell Dead at 52!

Chris Cornell Dead at 52. My father died of heart failure at age 52, 9 years ago and it was at a far too early age. It left the whole family scarred for life as it was so sudden and not expected at all.

Now I read that Chris Cornell, frontman of Soundgarden and Audioslave, died at the same age. The cause of death is not known as I write this, but according to reports he tweeted just a few hours before his death. He was in Detroit for a show with Soundgarden. It’s sad to see all actors, singers and celebrities you grew up with dying one after another, you somewhat build up a “relationship” with these people because they sometime shaped your youth with their music/acting.

I saw Chris Cornell at Sweden Rock Festival in 2012 I think, when he performed with Soundgarden, a band I had not listened too that much before, but that live performance put them on my regular playlists and a go to band when I needed something good. I also listened to some Audioslave now and then, but not enough to call it a favorite band. I remember that show like it was yesterday, how his fantastic voice gave me goosebumps, and how the audience cheered. I even have a crappy video I shot with my phone somewhere, I will check and see if I can find it.

I couple of years ago, when Lemmy from Motörhead died, along with tons of other musicians and actors, the world held it’s breath to see who kicked the bucket next, but the deaths seemed to stagnate, and I hope this is not the beginning of another loosing streak of the people we love to listen to and watch on the big screen. Chris Cornell Dead, I can’t believe it!

Do you have any memories of Chris Cornell you would like share? Leave a comment!

Chris Cornell dead at the age of 52
This is from Sweden Rock Festival when I saw Chris Cornell perform with Soundgarden.

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