The Room – The best worst movie ever made? Or are there “better” ones?

The Room – a movie so bad it gained cult status – it’s hilarious!

If you have not seen the movie The Room yet, you definitely should. It’s directed by the very special Tommy Wiseau, a man know for his special “acting” skill and directing. The Room have collected a huge number of followers around the world, not because being a great movie, but being probably the best worst movie ever made. You can check out the movie on IMDB here!

The Room“Oh hi Mark”

Some of the lines in the movie can’t be described in a good enough way to give them credit. The randomness and awkwardness is almost to good to be true. My girlfriend introduced me to The Room about 4 years ago and since then we have watched it… oh I don’t know, maybe 50 times, at least! Why? Because even tho it’s supposed to be a romantic drama of some sort, the acting, scenery, the obvious use of a green screen and bad lines keep us coming back for more. We even sometimes had a pen and paper beside us to write down funny things.

Tommy WiseauCheep chip chip

Tommy Wiseau is a genius for making The Room, and I don’t know if he ever thought it would get the kind of following it has. The movie was released in 2003 and yet to this day in 2017, fans all over the world throw screenings at movie theatres for other fans. Actor Greg Sestero who played Mark even wrote a biography/behind the scenes book about the movie and his role in it. In the book “The Disaster Artist” (<— affiliate link) Greg Sestero tells us about Tommy and his many odd behaviours and quotes, he also tells us how life on stage was and how all the actors got along during filming. If you ever find yourself watching The Room, be sure to also read The Disaster Artist to get the full grasp on the legend that is Tommy Wiseau.

Tommy Wiseau“Anyway, how is your sex life?”

Yes, that is actually a line from the movie, where the main character, played by Tommy Wiseau, just switches from one thing to another and asks he’s co-actor how his sex life is… It’s priceless!

I really can’t explain how amusing this movie is, everything from the music, acting, scenery to characters are so bad(?) or genius. I urge you, please watch The Room, you will be disappointed, yes you read that right, because if you are hoping for a great movie experience, you will be disappointed. But if you watch it with the mindset that this might be the funniest thing you’ll ever see, then you will get pleasantly surprised.

Have you seen The Room? What did you think of it? Leave a comment below.


Next time I will talk about another Tommy Wiseau movie called “The House That Dripped Blood on Alex“. Another attempt by Mr Wiseau to make a movie, this time a short one, but the amount of cringe and laughs you get out of those 15 minutes is better than any cat clip or fail video online.

Up later are also a “Swedish” movie which make you cringe like never before, especially if you are Swedish. The whole cast in this old movie from the 80’s are Swedish, but in some weird way, trying to hit internationally, they (tried) speaking english. The acting and special effects really makes this horror movie more of a hilarious comedy. I will talk about “Scorched Heat” another day, stay tuned!

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