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Youtube Intrigues, scare and inspire me!

Youtube Intrigues, scare and inspire me!
Youtube intrigues me!
Youtube inspires me!
Youtube scares me!

Youtube make way to a whole new level of celebrities and movie stars.
People who gain stardom based on talent… controversy… or just being amazing.

Youtube is ever growing and ever expanding.

People can see overnight success
or struggle for years for just a few views

Youtube brings out the best and the worst in people
Youtube is allowing people to follow their dreams

Youtube can also be a place where someone’s dream goes to die
The pressure of creating, maintaining and succeed can become too much. and people lose hope…

Big Youtubers get bigger and bigger
and small YouTubers either slowly fade away or grow exponentially

Youtube can change your life…

Youtube can change my life…

Youtube intrigues me!

Youtube inspires me!

Youtube scares me!

Youtube is my dream,
what is yours?

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My name is Andreas Fransson aka The Beard Bringer, and today I wanted to show you a video I made about Youtube and what it feels, means and is for me as a creator and Youtuber. This is how I feel about it.

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