From Fat to Fit – It is time to take control of myself – Week 1

From Fat to Fit – it is time!

From Fat to Fit is my quest to take control over my life, health and wellbeing. Not a second too late to be honest, I’m really excited about this and it goes great with us moving to the countryside, where the trails, nature and beautiful surroundings really help. I’m going to let you in on my progress, and I’m naming this series “From Fat to Fit”, and I’m going update on my progress once a week.

I’m not really “fat” per se, but I admit that I have gained a lot of weight in the last couple of years, and I believe that it’s because of a lazy lifestyle, office work and moving in with my wonderful girlfriend. If you ever lived with someone you know that weekends may contain more sweets and tasty food then living alone, but don’t get me wrong, I love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world. But I also kind of let myself go health wise. I tried going to the gym when I lived in Stockholm, but the stress and pressure of performing at work, at the gym and at home got the best of me and I grew tired of it.

What says I won’t grow tired of it this time?

Well, nothing to be honest, except this time I really feel like I hit the spot work wise, living wise and mentally. Since we moved to the countryside I have learned to enjoy the beautiful nature, I have learned to make the most out of my days and I have learned to leave work at the office. Leaving my work at the office is a really important thing and it has made me able to relax in a whole new way. So, starting a few days ago I made a promise to myself to get healthier and more fit. From Fat to Fit is my project to be the best I can, not only health wise, but also mentally.

What have I done so far?

Trappstigen Järvsö Andreas FranssonWell, I have been going on jogs, walk and climbs around the town. I started out with a 5 km walk/jog the other day, followed by another walk/jog the day after. That time I managed to walk/jog for almost 7 kilometers, and yesterday I climbed the local mountain, which is pretty steep and I managed to track a 200+ meter elevation climb. After I reach the top I walked down the ski slopes, took a detour around the town before ending up at home. It was a total of 4.8 kilometers, but with a steep climb and descent.

So, here’s some pictures from my walks/climbs, and next week I will post some measurements, weight, stats etc. And we can track my accomplishments together in my “From Fat to Fit” project right here on the website.

I would love some pep talk in the comments, so please join me on my journey to a better, healthier life!

I might update on my progress on Instagram as well, so be sure to follow me there for photo updates!

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