Humble Brush – my new favourite toothbrush for many reasons!

Humble Brush toothbrush, what an idea!

Different coloured Humble BrushesI stumbled upon Humble Brush toothbrushes by accident a couple of months ago. I was in Spånga, Stockholm hanging out at Georges Klipp planning Spånga Beard Party. I needed to pick up some bandages before I went home and went to the local pharmacy in Spånga. My eyes were instantly drawn towards some colourful bristles, what is this, I thought.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a paid advertisement, these are my own words and thoughts!

I went closer and saw the name Humble Brush burnt into the side of the toothbrush. I knew I had to have one… or all 5 different colours to be honest.

I read on the packaging that Humble Brush is working for a really great cause, dental and oral care for children across the world. For every Humble Brush sold, they give away free dental or oral care to a child in need who can’t afford it. How awesome is that?! I also read that the brushes are made out of bamboo, and yeah, I thought that the pandas might be out of food… But no, they only use the piece of the bamboo that the pandas can’t reach or want, so they are still very well fed. The bristles are made out of Nylon 6, free from the toxin Bisphenol A.

Humble Brush Beard!

Oh, and I almost forgot, when I got my Humble Brush toothbrushes I tried to fit as many as I could in my beard, you can check the results in the video above!

Humble Brush is a ECO friendly toothbrush, made in Sweden, that provides dental and oral care to children in need. Needless to say I bought 5…. to begin with. I actually got another 25 brushes a couple of weeks later, just because I like their agenda. I also gave away some brushes to friends and family, just for them to enjoy them as much as I do.

I’ve been using the brushes for a couple of months now and I really like them, I like the feel of them and the really nice design. I plan on getting more when I run out, although I think I have about 15-16 brushes left, so I might be set for the rest of the year, haha!

I think Humble Brush sells their brushes internationally on their website, check them out here! And don’t forget to read my other posts, the one with the Caliente Chili Drink for example!

A blue Humble Brush toothbrush

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