Peter McKinnons Golden Hour Blend Coffee from James Coffee Co

Golden Hour Blend

I ordered Peter McKinnons Golden Hour Blend coffee from James Coffee Co the other week, and yesterday it arrived in Sweden. I was super excited to pick up from the postal office, and when they handed me the package I could smell the amazing coffee. The smell of Golden Hour Blend coffee seeped through the packing bag and left a wonderful aroma around the postal office.

Why did I order this coffee? Well, first of all I love coffee, simple as that. I hate the machine coffee at work and I always try to brew a couple of cups at home before going anywhere, just to be safe. Second, when I head Peter McKinnon released his Golden Hour Blend with James Coffee Co, I just knew I had to have it, especially knowing Peter is a huge coffee nerd as well.

Said and done, I ordered three packs of coffee… unfortunately the shipping was almost the same price as the coffee itself, but it didn’t matter, I needed to get the Golden Hour Blend. Anyway, it arrived yesterday and seeing the snow falling down outside when I woke up this morning, I knew it was a perfect day to shoot.

Here’s my super short film about Peter McKinnons Golden Hour Blend Coffee:

What did you think? Remember, I’m a beginner at filming and I really want to learn and get better, so please leave me some feedback in the comments.

As for the coffee? Well, it was super tasty. I’ve had 4 cups already and I want another one. The Golden Hour Blend is totally worth the price, the shipping and the wait, and I would recommend you getting it if you love coffee.

Did you know I used to have my own line of coffee? Beard Coffee, shocker, right? 😀 It was the best coffee I ever drank, but to super high manufacturing costs and not enough interest in the community I had to put it on hold. I’m hoping, that with the rise of my Youtube channel, that I can make some extra income to pour into my coffee business again.

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