My video went viral… what do I do now?

My video went viral… what do I do now? How do I profit from this?

My video went viral… what do I do now? How do I profit from this? Well, good question…. But first:

I had an idea for a viral video a long time, but never got by to make it happen, until a couple of days ago. It was a spin on the oh so popular circle game…. You know the game where you do the “OK” sign with your hand and if someone looks at it you can punch them on the arm… yeah, a pretty stupid game, but fun nonetheless. Anyway, my idea was that I should start zooming in from Google Earth and then cut to a drone shot of a body (me) laying in a field, zooming in all the way to my hand which made the circle gesture.

Apparently people thought it was hilarious and my video went viral, big time. At the moment of writing this, the video have gotten over 5.7 MILLION views on Facebook, it has been shared over 100.000 times and it’s crazy. I also posted it on Youtube and it has gotten over 5000 views in a matter of days, not as much as Facebook, but still… my video went viral, and that is so much fun.

Here’s the video, on Youtube:

What did you think?

I never thought my video ever would go viral, I thought it would get a few hundred views and people would chuckle a bit, but 5.7 million views, not in my wildest dreams.

So, my video went viral, and what now?
Well, I linked my Youtube channel, Instagram and Twitter in the description after it got traction, but to be honest, I did not see that much of a growth on my linked accounts, neither on my Facebook page where the video was posted. The video is so out of context of what my channels are usually about, and the people liking the viral video isn’t really my target audience.

I do see my video loosing a bit traction as we speak, and I think its 15 minutes of fame is dying down, and it was fun as long as it lasted, but I wished I’d seen more engagement on my other channels than I did. But that is the thing with viral videos, people are mostly just interested in that particular video, NOT the rest of your content, unless it is videos like the one above… which I do not have.

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