Hölick – We went on a mini adventure to the ocean

Hölick – a beautiful fishing village

Hölick is “just around the corner” from us, about an hour with car, but it’s like a different country out there. Living in Järvsö we are surrounded by mountains and forrest’s, but coming out to Hölick really changes the landscape. Hölick located 30 km outside of Hudiksvall and lays right by the ocean.

Hölick holick

Hölick is an old fishing village which used to work as an maritime pilot station, which however changed locations in the early in the 1900’s. Today it serves as tourist destination and full time residence for a few people. Hölick has great white sandy beaches, docks, camping grounds and beautiful scenery. They even got a old lighthouse, but we did not go there this time.

Hölick foodMe and Nemi arrived at 1 in the afternoon and had lunch at a restaurant nearby. We ate some thai curry chicken with pasta and it was delicious, we need to make that at home some day. After that we headed out to the beach by the ocean to listen to the waves crashing in, we did not bade or swim, in fact we didn’t even have swimwear with us. The weather was a bit windy and cloudy, so we did not pack anything summer’y.

After the beach we walked back to the fishing village, which is so cozy and calm – I wish we could have stayed a bit longer. We went out on the pier and looked at the ocean, taking some photos and just enjoying the calm, the seagulls and salty smell coming in from the water. Hölick is a great destination if you like these kind of things, calm sandy beaches, small villages and cozy surroundings. Even tho Hölick can be a bit crowded on sunny hot days in the summer, we were pretty lucky being almost alone there.

I saw a sign going there that there was going to be some sort of sailing championships that day, but it must’ve ended before we got there, because people were starting to pack up and leave.

Anyway, below are some photos from our little day trip to Hölick (Here’s a link to Google maps if you want to se where it’s located).

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