Vlogging is hard, but I need to learn how!

Vlogging might help me!

Yes, vlogging might be the answer to get over my social anxiety once and for all. Vlogging really puts me in the spotlight, vlogging is so far out of my comfort zone and a bit scary at times. I never thought that I’d start vlogging a couple of years ago, and even tho I’m having a hard time speaking on camera, I still do it to learn, to grow and to overcome my social anxiety.

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Vlogging was so distant to me for a long time, but ever since I started watching people doing vlogs a couple of years ago I envied them, I respected them, even tho I maybe didn’t agree with what they were talking about, but I respected them because they dared to do it. Talking on camera, by yourself, as a monolog is hard, it’s really hard. Vlogging looks easy enough, but standing there in front of the camera, thinking about what to say is made for re-takes.

I don’t know how many times I’ve re-done a take, said the same word over and over just because my pronunciation was off a couple of times, or the light was wrong, or my eyes wandered. Due to my social anxiety, I have a hard time looking people in the eyes when talking to them, I usually drift off, look down or focus on something behind the person I’m talking to. And not before I watched myself vlogging, I noticed how obvious it is….

I tend to look away, at something else or at the computer. It is so obvious on camera, and that is something I really need to practise. Oh, and due to my social anxiety, I often wear sunglasses, which helps a lot during the vlogging, but wearing the sunglasses indoors might seem weird…. if you’re not Casey Neistat. But I do think I can relax more with sunglasses, so I should start doing my vlog speaking parts outside, just to be able to wear sunglasses.

So, I hope you will support me by Subscribing to my Youtube channel, leave comments, like my videos and tell your friend. I’m a huge beginner and I want to learn, and the best way to learn is by doing, and the best way to do, is to get cheers and pushes from friends and followers. People who push you in the right direction are worth so much when it comes to learning new stuff.

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