Stunning sunrise with mist covering Järvsö completely

Järvsö sunrise

YES, this stunning sunrise with mist covered Järvsö completely one early morning in October of 2017. I woke up and all I saw was a dark gloomy and boring morning…. I wanted to go back to sleep, but something told me to get up, go out and to bring my camera… And yes, I do not regret that one bit. Järvsö was showing it’s beauty in the most amazing way ever.

I drove up the mountain at Järvsöbacken, misty all the way except the last few hundred meters, and the view that greeted me was out of this world. Even if the cold weather bit my cheeks and I was tired as a sloth, Järvsö really delivered this morning. I slowly walked to the viewing point on the mountain, facing the sunrise which was just starting and then I saw it… the mist!

Check out this video and see for yourself what I saw!

Just look at that, isn’t that beautiful!

Of course it is, Järvsö is beautiful and it is my hometown. The morning mist swept the entire town into darkness, but above the mist, that where the magic was. Looking out over what is supposed to be the town, I couldn’t do anything but awe at the beauty that mother nature has created. The mist followed the river, creeping up on land and engulfing everything around it, it was so amazing and stunning. I wish it would never end and that I could stand there and watch the sunrise for ever.

What do you think, do you think it is as beautiful as I do? Leave a comment!

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