Running up the mountain – From Fat to Fit – w 2 & 3

Running might be a bit of a stretch!

When I say running I mean walking mostly, jog occasionally and run rarely, but hey…. it’s better then sitting in the couch at home, right?!

First of all, due to being swamped with work, preparing to a workshop on social media and spending quality time at home, the updates on my runs have been abysmal to say the least. But that does not mean I haven’t been out running, jogging or walking, on the contrary actually. I have been out every day since I started this journey, either walking, jogging or running. Mostly walking tho, but combining it with my hobby, photography. Below is a video I shot during my latest run.

Running RunkeeperHere’s at least some workout days tracked in Runkeeper, the days I remembered to start it, and the days I solely focused on running, walking or jogging. That’s because on some days, like weekends and evenings, I’ve been spending time photographing downhill riders in Järvsö Bergscykel Park. There’s a lot of standing still waiting for riders, but also walking up and down the mountain through the woods, some days I’m so exhausted afterwards, more then the days I go out for a run, walk or jog. I do count the days spent walking up and down the mountain photographing as workouts, why wouldn’t I?!

The days I’ve been running, jogging or walking there have been routes I’ve made that takes me up the mountain on one side, and down the mountain on the other. It’s actually a really nice climb of 240+ meter elevation with some really steep parts. I’ve taken myself to run up those really steep parts, just to push myself even further, just to get my blood pumping.

Running Route
This is one of the routes I tend to run pretty often. It took a long time, but that’s because I filmed a bit during my run. I goes up and down the mountain.

Talking of blood pumping, I really feel how out of shape I still am, during some parts of my running up the mountain, mostly the steep part, my Apple Watch show my heartbeat at 166 bpm, if that is true and accurate, I really need to step up my workouts, I need to get those numbers down and the speed up.

I also been taking my Camelbak with me, filled with ice cold water. It has really improved my runs as I tend to drink a lot of water and get more stamina when I do. Also water is good for you, so why not!

One thing I have not gotten the hang of yet is the food, what to eat, what not to eat or when to eat. I love food, I won’t lie, but I tend to sometimes overeat and that’s not good. I love sweets, soft drinks and unhealthy food. We do not eat pizza, hamburgers or any other fast food that often, maybe one time a month, if not less, but I find it hard to find healthy good substitutes since I don’t like cold food, vegetables or diets. Please leave me some suggestions in the comments. I think my next post might be about my food schedule and what I eat in a week.

Be sure to read my Week 1 post!

Leave a comment if you are on your own fat to fit journey, or have taken it before. Let me know how you did it.

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