Steel Wool Photography – Dangerous but insanely fun!

Steel Wool Photography is so much fun!

Steel Wool Photography sure is fun, but it can (is) also be very dangerous. Imagine standing in the middle of a ring of smouldering steel wool flying in every direction outwards from you.

The adrenaline when doing Steel Wool Photography is pretty intense, at least for me, because I love standing in the middle, swinging the fire and let someone else take the photo.

The other week me and my two brothers went to this abandoned train bridge in the middle of the woods. It sits on top of a rapid river that never calms down, and we had to climb on the side of the bridge to reach the middle of it. We went out at about 6.30 in the afternoon to be able to set up everything and get some drone shots in before the darkness fell, and we made it. You can check out my story vlog video here:

I had heard about Steel Wool Photography a couple of years ago, but never got the chance to try it myself, or not really knowing how they did it. But then one night a couple of weeks ago, Peter McKinnon, uploaded a video with him and his friend trying it out, and I just had to do it. Me and my girlfriend actually went to down to the local beach just minutes after seeing the video of Peter’s Steel Wool Photography tutorial.

The thing is, we had everything we needed at home:
A metal whisk
Steel Wool (Svinto)
A non flammable string or cord

… and that’s it, except for a lighter or matches.

But we headed down to the beach and tried it out, and you know what, we succeeded on the first try, and it was amazing. That is why I wanted to go to that abandoned train bridge in the video above, just to do it in a cooler location, and the results were pretty amazing. Check out my Steel Wool Photography pics below 🙂

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