How to CARVE A PUMPKIN for the first time ever


Most of you probably already know how to carve a pumpkin, but for me, living in Sweden, it’s pretty new thing to be honest. Halloween has never been a big deal in Sweden, unfortunately, because I love Halloween, dressing up and making costumes, but since there are so little Halloween spirit in Sweden, most of us just don’t celebrate it.

I did however make a video of my first EVER pumpkin carving…. in my life. Hey, I’m 34 years old and never carved a pumpkin, until now. And to be honest, I think I did a pretty good (OK) job, don’t you think? I remember a couple of years ago, probably 6 or 7, I actually dressed up and went to a Halloween party, and I always go in 200% when I do something, needless to say, I won best costume. I dressen up as a bloody mental patient I think, or something like that.

Do you carve pumpkins in your family? Or, do you even celebrate Halloween? Please let me know and also include what country you live in 🙂

Check out my video on how to carve a pumpkin, and please let me know what you think.

Did I do OK carving this pumpkin? 😀

I actually had a really great time and I’m thinking of getting another pumpkin before Halloween is over and do another one, but maybe not on video tho, or should I?! Maybe carving a pumpkin with power tools would be a pretty cool thing, haha.

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