Swedish caviar – a delicacy you never thought you’d eat… ever in your life

Swedish caviar – have you tried it?

Swedish caviar must be one of those things you either love or hate, I really don’t think that there are something in between there. For those of you who are new to Swedish caviar I can tell you that it’s nothing at all like the regular “russian caviar” served at restaurants etc. No, Swedish caviar is of a more refined taste, a more smokey and salty taste.

Where regular caviar is enjoyed with all kinds of fancy dishes, our caviar is mostly eaten with eggs, preferably boiled or fried eggs. A sandwich with Swedish caviar is also common, but only caviar (with the exception of eggs) and butter. The distinct taste of out caviar really doesn’t play well with other ingredients.

swedish caviar on sandwichThe Swedish caviar is made from cod and coalfish roe, which is pretty funny when you think about it. Roe being fish eggs turned in to caviar, eaten with regular eggs… InEggCeption! Our caviar is marketed as a sandwich spread and is refined in a very special way. The roe is smoked which gives it more taste, and is then mixed with tomato puré, potatoes, sugar and other additives. The caviar have been manufactured by Abba Seafood since 1954, which means that there are a market for it, especially in Sweden.

The taste is hard to explain. Imagine a more smokey and a little bit flavorful taste than the Australian treat, Vegemite. Even tho I do not like Vegemite, I do like Swedish caviar. I do believe that they are pretty similar in the Love/Hate category.

So, what are the do’s and don’ts with Swedish caviar?

First of all, and I can’t stress this enough, DO NOT drink orange juice, fruity lemonade or soda after you’ve eaten caviar, the taste is so horrible and will make you cringe like never before. It has almost the same effect at toothpaste and drinks. Second thing is, do not take too much on your sandwich/eggs/etc, the taste is pretty overpowering. Also, trying other combinations then eggs and sandwiches can make you very disappointed. I wrote a post yesterday about odd food combinations, and there were some Swedish caviar combos that I strongly advise against, like caviar on banana. That combo sound like it could be the end of the world, a mix filled with banana caviar is too much to handle even for the most seasoned caviar eater.

DO however enjoy the caviar with boiled or fried eggs, it’s really really good. Also as a spread on a sandwich, preferable with eggs as well. I’m trying to come up with other uses for caviar, but I can’t. I can only see myself eating it with eggs or on a sandwich.

Let me know in the comments about your caviar experiences, and if you are interested, we can set something up where I send you a tube.

The Swedish company Abba Seafood made a series of commercials to further promote their product, and here’s clip they made when they treated people to the caviar in Los Angeles. See for yourself what people thought about it. I love how they admit that it’s not for everyone! You can check out their other caviar commercials here, where they visit other cities around the world.


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