Trolls walked among us and wrecked havoc on unsuspecting humans

Trolls used to walk among humans several hundreds, if not thousands of years ago!

This is the story about the Swedish trolls that wrecked havoc on unsuspecting humans, terrorising villages, destroying houses and leaving people in complete agony.

Cracked boulderOne day about 600 years ago there was a troll waking up in the deep dark forest of Järvsö, Hälsingland in Sweden. The troll had been sleeping for decades and minding his own business. The trolls being extremely dangerous if encountered, were actually pretty docile and slow creatures when not disturbed. This particular troll had been woken up by christian missionaries walking through the deep forest, singing, chanting and preaching their godly beliefs.

You need to understand that the trolls hated christianity, they where absolutely disgusted by it and wanted to destroy it by any means necessary. Trolls where extremely strong, big and terrifying. They where hairy deformed stinking beasts. No one were safe from the trolls, not even women and children who would be stripped of their flesh and eaten alive if they accidentally wandered into troll territory. Many humans lost their lives in gruesome manners. Arms and legs torn off in a single blow, heads crushed between troll fingers, nothing could stop them.

These beasts could grow up to 10 meters in height, weigh about as much as five fully grown elephants and stink like rotten skunk carcass.

Trolls threw thisAnyway, the trolls left proof of their existence for us to explore in this day and age, mostly things like we would never know to be done by those monsters. One of those things are a huge boulder broken in two, located at our Swedish shieling (which I wrote about yesterday). The troll who woke up where so infuriated by the christian missionaries, that he (or she) picked up a massive boulder, aimed for a church in Delsbo located about 40 kilometers away… a short distance for these insanely strong creatures. The reason for aiming at the church was that it hated the church bells, they rang constantly and the sound where like garlic to a vampire for the troll.

By a unlucky footing, the troll slipped when it threw the boulder, and it did not reach its destination… the church. Instead the boulder landed halfway there, at the shieling, where it cracked in two and still lay today as a reminder of when trolls where out to get all christians by any means necessary.

Thrown boulder

How do I know all this? Well, my grandmother used to tell us this story as kids every time we visited our shieling in the woods. It was one of my favourite stories and it brings back so many memories. I know we believed the story as kids, and I can’t help in some way hope that the story has some truth to it. How neat would it be with trolls.

Wanna see more of these beasts? Check out the Norwegian movie Troll Hunter, it’s really great!

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