Exploding Head Syndrome | EHS | Waking up from loud noises

What is Exploding Head Syndrome? | EHS | Waking up from loud noises, cymbal crash, explosion, gunshot, thunder, screaming and or static discharge. Exploding Head Syndrome can be quite scary if you don’t know what it is.


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My name is Andreas Fransson aka The Beard Bringer, and today we are talking about the parasomnia called Exploding Head Syndrome or EHS. Exploding Head Syndrome is believed to be caused by a glitch in the brainstem reticular formation, issues in the inner ear, seizures in the temporal lobe, or bleeding in the brain. Which sound pretty gruesome, doesn’t it?

I have been experiencing Exploding Head Syndrome for many years since I was a kid and tried to sleep. And I do think that Exploding Head Syndrome may be the cause for why I am afraid of the dark and sleeping.

Exploding Head Syndrome makes you experience a large, sharp and massive cymbal hit, explosion, gunshot, screaming and or static discharge right at the point of falling asleep or waking up. It is classified as a parasomnia and auditory hallucination sleep disorder.

I still get scared when waking up from loud noises and my heartbeat elevates and I get heart palpitations and start to sweat.

Please let me know in the comments if you have experienced Exploding Head Syndrome, or think you have!

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