Beard Talk ep. 1 – Beardilizer Citrus Blast

Beardilizer Citrus Blast

Welcome to my first ever Beard Talk, in this episode we are talking about the Beardilizer Citrus Blast beard oil – Beard Talk is where I will be talking about different beard products and testing them on video. Hopefully I’ll be able to do this regularly and make it a cornerstone content of my channel.

Beardilizer Citrus Blast is one of my absolute favourite beard oils of all time, and that is because I love citrusy scents, especially Lime. Beardilizer Citrus Blast offers a super sweet and fresh scent of citrus, and I can’t believe how intrigued I am of this scent.

The viscosity is a tad too loose for my taste, I would love a little bit thicker beard oil, but all in all this Beardilizer Citrus Blast beard oil really hits the spot. It smells so good I almost want to drink it.

You can check out my video here, where I’m talking about the Beardilizer Citrus Blast beard oil on camera:

What do you think? Do you like citrusy beard oils?

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