BEARD TALK – How to make your beard look bigger

How to make your beard look bigger

This is not a magical formula, beard growth hormons or beard voodoo, this is a simple trick to make your beard look bigger, especially in photos. The trick is pretty basic and often overlooked because of its simplicity, and we tend to forget this when having a bad beard day or days we don’t think our beard look that great…. even tho most beards are fantastic.

Why would you want to do this? Well, everyone(?) want to look their best at most times, and this trick is one that really works and can make your photo or video have your beard on absolute point.

So, the trick to make your beard look bigger is shown in my video below, and I hope you will like it. Please leave a comment if you use this trick when your are taking selfies, photos etc.

What did you think of the video? Is this something you use to think about when trying to make your beard look bigger?

I myself tend to always wear black or dark clothing, not because it will make your beard look bigger, but because I like dark clothing, and because this also does the trick, it’s a win-win situation. I know that my beard isn’t that small or thin to begin with, but with a white shirt I really feel exposed and like I’m having a bad beard day.

So, please watch the video and leave a comment if you enjoyed this little trick, and tell me what you usually do to keep your beard in perfect condition.

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