Collecting random stuff – Cute or a hoarder in training?

Collecting random stuff have alway been my vice!

collecting random stuffBut even tho the “random” stuff have been pretty innocent and “normal”, like old comic books, beard products, nice rocks etc, I think my last find takes the prize. Collecting random stuff really hits the spot when we recently moved to a bigger place, and with that came a few extra boxes that I had stored in my mothers garage since I was a kid. Going through those boxes really brought back memories, but also a lot of laughs, thinking to myself – “Why the hell did I save this!?”.

Most things was normal childhood savings, like old lyrics, cheat sheets for video games, comic books, rocks, hockey cards and Magic the Gathering cards for example. Nothing weird here, because thats normal, right!?

Spruce needles 1996The next thing I found really made me smile at my childhood me, and somewhat began to question what my thoughts was back then. In a moving box, in a small “slime” container shaped as a ghost I saw it. Those small brown rice shaped things. What where they doing in a empty toy slime container? Upon close inspection I found some writing on the side, it said (in Swedish) “Barr från julgranen -96”, which mean “Spruce needles from the Christmas tree -96″….. Yes, you read that right, I saved Spruce needles from our Christmas tree in 1996. Who does that?

I opened the can, and you should’ve seen my facial expression.. the needles smelled wonderful, they really smelled like a Christmas tree. How is it that the container, air tight but still, could preserve the smell for 21 one years?! Wow, I was amazed. I just found 21 year old Spruce needles in a air tight toy slime container, and the smell was as fresh as the day we cut that tree down. I don’t need to explain that I took a trip down memory lane that day, seeing how life has passed and changed. Family lost along the way, me growing up and starting my own family and so on. My eye got a bit watery.

I plan on saving this container, hopefully for another 21 years…

Do you have any weird stuff you collected through the years?

Oh, on a side note, I found another container from 1997, also from the Christmas tree that year, but hey, who wants 20 year old spruce needles when you have 21 year olds… right?! 😀


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