Mifú Milk Protein in this weeks Fast Food Friday

Mifu Milk Protein from Valio

We tried cooking with Mifu, or Mifú, Milk Protein from Valio and I was pleasantly surprised.

The last couple of months we have been eating better then ever, we have cut down on meat to an almost absolute zero and adopted a kind of vegetarian lifestyle… why? Well, there are a number of reasons, but for me it’s mostly because I have never liked vegetables, and I’m feeling that I’m missing out on something. For my girlfriends it’s the handling of animals and the f’ed up meat industry that’s the main reason.

I do however eat the occasional meat dish for lunch when I’m working or going out with friends, and that’s because I can’t seem to find a good vegetarian substitute here where we’re living at the moment. It’s a small town and most of the restaurants serve vegetarian meals as salads… which is pretty boring.

I’ve been doing Fast Food Friday a couple of weeks now, and always cooked meatless dishes, and when we were at the store last week we picked up som Mifu, or Mifú, which is a milk protein perfect for your frying pan. The Mifu came seasoned in different flavours, as well as natural, but we chose a pepper and chili flavoured one.

I actually kind of liked it, and the more I ate, the tastier it got. You can check out me cooking with the Mifu, or Mifú in the video below, and please leave a comment if you have tried it and let me know what you thought about it. I seasoned everything with som soy, pepper, salt, garam masala and garlic spice. And also added some fried up red union and paprika.

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