The Beards Limited edition USB Beard Comb giveaway

The Beards USB Beard Comb?

Yes, The Beards have released a USB Beard Comb stick, containing their final live show. It was released on World Beard Day, September 2nd, as a commemorate piece for us die hard fans. The USB Beard Comb is a Limited Edition The Beards memorabilia, and every true fan should own one.

Here’s the link to my video and giveaway on Youtube!

And since I’m such a nice person, I decided to get two extra, which I’m now giving away on my Youtube channel. A perfect opportunity if you want to own a piece of Beard History.

The Beards are (or was) an Australian band whose songs are all about beards. They are such a fantastic band, and awesome people. I’ve had the privilege of meeting them on several occasions and I will cherish that forever. I also have their autographs on the back of a jacket, hidden away in my closet.

The Beards did unfortunately do their last show on September 2nd of 2017 (Who knows, they might be back). And to celebrate that last show, they released this USB Beard Comb, with the entire final show loaded on the USB stick. A great show and a sad moment in beard music history.

I do hope that The Beards will be back in a near future and do a few more shows. They are truly the best band I have ever seen live, and I’ve seen A LOT of bands. I’ve been to Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Steel Panther etc (hundreds of huge bands on festivals), but no band have been as good as The Beards are live.

So, what are you waiting for, head on over to my Youtube channel and check out this video on how to enter the giveaway:


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