Birthday gift from Tommy Wiseau – He is tearing me apart!!!!

A birthday gift from Tommy Wiseau, who would’ve thought!

It’s not everyday you receive a birthday gift from the legend himself – Tommy Wiseau. You should’ve seen our faces when we opened the package and found a signed picture, a talking bobblehead of Tommy and another signature on the back of the box. For those of you who don’t know who Tommy Wiseau is, please read my other posts about the movie The Room, and the movie The House that dripped blood on Alex.

So, it’s my birthday, June 1st, and I’m turning 34, and I got this amazing thing in the mail today, how can I not love it and cherish this piece of movie history and Tommy Wiseau memorabilia.

Tommy wrote:

To: Andreas
Love is blind!
Love: Tommy Wiseau
P.S. Be good (USA?)

I’m not sure if it says USA at the end, and if I’m wrong, please let me know in the comments.

A birthday gift Tommy Wiseau AutographI got an autographed picture and a Tommy Wiseau bobblehead as a birthday gift, along with the personal note. I mean, this is huge, this is beyond huge, this is cataclysmicly huge! I never been startstruck before and I’ve met a lot of celebrities during my days as a photographer. But I really wish we had recorded our reaction when we opened the package, I actually giggled, laughed and almost cried out of excitement. A birthday gift from Tommy Wiseau…. So, I can call it a day now, haha!

No, but for real, me and my girlfriend will look at this thing and remember this day forever, how we opened the package in the car and bursted out in laughter and happiness.

As for the bobblehead, it talks!!!

It comes with a few famous quotes from the movie The Room, and it’s hilarious! Here’s a clip showing you how it sounds. I could press that red button all day long, but for now Tommy goes back in the box and up on our bookcase for everyone to see. I love this bobblehead, and the autographed picture, a perfect birthday gift.


And if you haven’t seen The Room yet, do so, you will not regret it. Check out the IMDB page here!

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